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Friends of MoFriends of Mo

Margaret Hyde, Author

Margaret is a publisher, writer and photographer who lives in Southern California with her three amazing kids. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Margaret relocated to California during high school and has remained out west ever since. She was inspired to create fine art books for children and started a small press in 1995, Budding Artists. She wrote her own children’s book, a modern take on the Goldilocks tale called Dreadilocks and the Three Slugs and the popular Great Art for Kids series including Picasso for Kids and Matisse for Kids. Margaret has also created travel books about Bhutan and Liberia where she traveled in 2007/2008 as a guest of both governments.


A big part of Margaret’s life is her service work. In addition to her regular contributions of time and funds, all of her creative endeavors have a service component with proceeds going to various organizations and charities. A portion of the proceeds from Mo's Nose™ will go to Best Friends Animal Society (www.BestFriends.org) and support their initiatives to work with humane groups across the country — to bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets. Margaret has been most active in her work with Writegirl, a writing and mentoring program for teen girls in L.A. County and New Visions Foundation, which creates educational opportunities for underserved children in California.


For more about Margaret visit www.margarethydephotography.com


Amanda Giacomini, Illustrator

Amanda Giacomini is an artist, graphic designer, yoga teacher, and proud mother of Mo the dog. With a degree in Fine Art from UC Berkeley, Amanda has been an oil painter for most of her artistic life. When the opportunity to illustrate her beloved Mo came along she was thrilled. Inspired by Japanese brush paintings, Amanda intended to capture Mo's sensitive and soulful personality while giving the series the spacious, elegant quality of the Asian artform. To visually express the concept of the book, that dogs see mostly in black and white but have a very powerful sense of smell, she painted Mo in black and white, using splashes of colors for smells.

When Amanda is not painting or playing with Mo, she teaches yoga at her own Yoga Toes Studio. She and her husband, yoga teacher and hip hop artist MC Yogi, live in Northern California and tour nationally and internationally leading playshops that combine yoga with art, storytelling, and music. Since her illustrating debut in 2008 with Mo Smells Red, Amanda has also illustrated Mo Smells Green, Mo Smells the Holidays, and the forthcoming title Sacred Footprints: Tales from the Past Lives of the Buddha.

For more about Amanda’s art visit www.AmandaGiacomini.com


Mo, The Inspiration

Mo was abandoned as a puppy. He was living on the streets of Oakland, CA where he was taken in by the caring staff of Citizen Canine, a local dog hotel. Amanda and Nicholas met Mo after returning from a long trip studying yoga in India. It was love at first sight. They took him home and named him Mahatma, which means “Great Soul” in Sanskrit. Technically Mo is a rescued dog, but he’s such a loyal and loving companion, sometimes, we have to ask…who rescued whom?