Mo Smells Fun!Mo Smells Fun!
Friends of MoFriends of Mo

The inspiration for Mo's Nose™ struck Margaret Hyde in the middle of the night as her best friend’s rescued dog, Mo, lept into her imagination. She awoke and wrote the idea and text for Mo's scent-filled adventure. Margaret called on Mo's mama, and her best friend of twenty years, artist Amanda Giacomini to illustrate, and together they brought the vision of the series to life.

Because Margaret and Amanda's creative collaboration grew from their friendship and their love of animals, they are committed to using the Mo's Nose™ brand as a way to make the world a better place for all four legged creatures and their humans.  From their innovative Friends of Mo philanthropic events to their sustainable product line to storylines that celebrate life and giving,Mo's Nose™ aims to entertain and excite the senses while inspiring a shift of consciousness focused on caring for others, charitable actions and grassroots generosity.  To put it simply, Mo smells love.